8000 Racers
Conquer the Climb
win the race
survive the winter
emerge victorious
The mint is finished
Thanks for your support! Stay tuned for our next move.
Mint phases
Free Mint
hours to mint
hours to mint
Public Mint
hours to mint
Win the race,
survive the winter.
In the dead of winter the market has frozen over. Yet a flickering flame of hope remains deep in the darkness of space. The Great Bull Spirit requires a sacrifice, and only the Cronians are crazy enough to risk their lives in the pursuit. The octane-fuelled denizens of Cronopolis organise the galaxy's deadliest race where only the fastest have what it takes to dominate their rivals.

Conquer the climb, survive the drops and traps, and emerge as the ultimate Cronos Cruiser. Only the survivors will revel in the Great Bull's rewards!
Road Map
August 2022
Announcement for upcoming NFT collection and roadmap.
Allowlisting and community events on Twitter and Discord
Create Discord channel- dedicated to floor discussion, networking, meet-ups, exclusive holder events, etc.
September 2022
Official Launch of 8,000 unique Cronos Cruisers NFTs!
Blind-box reveal!
Gallery opens
Open to Secondary Market
Q4 2022 - Q1 2023
NFT holders can enjoy Staking Reward Booster!
Exclusive Allowlist on Minted NFT marketplace!
Platform Fee Rebates
Partner with more decentralized applications on Cronos chain to provide more diverse and exciting holder-only benefits to Cronos Cruisers holders!
Q2 2023 Onwards
Potential gamification
More exciting holder-only benefits and events to come!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Cronos Cruisers?
What is the total supply?
When and where can I buy Cronos Cruisers?
Which wallets will I be able to use to mint an NFT?
What are free mint, allowlist mint, and public mint?
How many Cronos Cruisers can I mint?
What is an NFT?
Why would I want to own an NFT?
How do I know my NFT is authentic?
How can you ensure the distribution of mints is random?
Let's meet other racers in the community galaxy. Each Cronos Cruiser will open portals to members-only benefits, events, and doubles as an early access token.
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